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Bride & Groom Report
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  2. Romantic Stone
  3. Wedding Ring!

For Wedding packages for the Bride & Groom that include Energy Work, Spa Treatments and an Ultimate Experience
Key 3
Stone Success Reports

Have you ever looked at a beautiful flower and felt a sense of calm wash over you? Did it make you smile for a moment and brighten your day?

Your energy was reacting to the flower. It's mere presence can cause your energy to shift in a way to brighten your mood. The flower doesn't change, your energy does. Stones, woods, metals, and crystals have similar kinds of effects on us as well. When these different items are near us, our energy reacts to them individually. Most of the time, we are not even aware that we are being affected by them.

Stone are like hubs of energy. While the entire world may be comprised of energy, there are certain people that evoke stronger feelings from you, just like you get stronger feelings around certain stones.

In the last few years, we have all felt different in some way. Some people have felt better, some people not as good. These changes have been caused by a shift in the energy. Not just your energy, but everyone's. This shift has brought us into a time of the heightened individuality. This means that people are now reacting to natural items, such as plants, stones, and woods on individual levels.

KEY 3 is how we react to natural items and how they can benefit us in our life.

Although there seem to be scientific studies in the process, there haven't been any scientists so far that have been able to prove the actual effects of stones, woods, metals and crystals except on a placebo effect. If you talk to individuals that work with the stones and crystals, it's a whole different thing. Of course, it took thousands of years to prove that meditation and prayer helped also.

The concept around natural items being able to help you is the same concept of the attraction of energy. If you attract a certain kind of energy and your energy reacts to items around you, then it will react to natural items that are around you. How do you read if your energy is reacting to natural items in a positive or negative way? Lots and lots of self-testing, or you have someone who has trained in that area read it for you.

Stones don't change energy. Parts of your energy can change by being around a particular natural item. By being around a stone that helps you bring positive energy towards yourself, that energy can help guide you and protect you towards your center path.

Energy stems out of us and reacts with certain stones in either a very positive or negative way. Stone Success Reports separate your life into different categories, such as Love/Romance, Career Success, and Health and then identifies which natural item/stone was verified as the most positive for your energy per that category.

We have been asked by customers questions such as, "My Energy Healer gave me a book that identifies which stones and crystals are used for love, healing, and etc. Can I just use the natural items listed in that book?"

Now that the energy has shifted, the old definitions for natural items no longer apply to most people. Unless your Energy Specialist specifically went through the hundreds of different natural items and tested them with your energy, for each category of your life, then you cannot be sure whether you are using stones that are positive for you.

The Stone Success Deluxe Report will also tell you what "energetic allergies" you have in regards to natural items. These are not physical, but energetic. That means that where many people might think of rose quartz as a "love" stone, your energy might react in a way that pushes that energy away from you.

Wouldn't you want to know what YOUR natural items are for the categories of Connection to Higher Energy, Protections, Foundational Love, Romantic Love, Success and many more?

It's fun, it's easy and it may change your life in ways you can't even imagine!

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